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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sometimes cowardice feels good

Today NPR had a show about election parties that included folks on both sides. There was also talk of both winning and losing gracefully. But, most importantly, there was talk of how powerful and empowering it is to talk to folks on "the other side," no matter what side you're on. It pushes you to understand your similarities. It pushes you to articulate your beliefs.

Yes. I agree with this.

But today (and, well, I may admit, most days) it feels great to be around tons of folks who are on MY side. Standing in line to vote with tons of folks sporting Obama buttons and talking about what a historical moment this was. Reflecting, in light of the fight for marriage equality in CA, how lucky I am to be in a state that has it. How safe that feels. Dropping my son off at a school where tons of folks, teachers and admin included, sported Obama buttons, shirts, etc. Where we worked only a bit to hold in the moments of glee that we all are touching with our fingertips.

There's a feeling of embrace to it. And it feels good. I don't know how much it pushes my thinking, brings me to see areas of commonality with the other side, but I think enough of life is about that. For now, I'm basking in the feeling of community. Feeling a part of something big. Hopefully really big.

And just for a bit of humor. My blog reading of the day unearthed this. Love it!

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