In which a school-loving graduate student reflects on the balance and intersections among her life as a doctoral candidate, her love of all things knitting-related, and her adventures mothering an amazing boy along with her wife!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

a bit of knitting, and some things i can't get behind

A bit of knitting:

I've recently started fetching, in a lovely, soft sage cashmerino. It's my first experience with cables, and I'm liking them. There are few enough that I am now past them on the first mitt, so I can feel accomplished having tried a new technique and that I'm now beyond that part of the pattern. A double winner. Can't wait to be finished with these so that I can keep my hands and wrists toasty within them. (pics to come)


Romney, saying right now that we need to teach kids to get married before having babies. In order to "strengthen our families." That we need to thank Bush for keeping us safe for the last six years. That we need to grow our military even further. This man, and those who stand with him in the party, make me cringe. They bring a narrow perspective to the game. They cater to a narrower swath of the population. Yet somehow get so many on their bandwagons. Gringe, I tell you. Oh, and apparently by voting for him you'll make every dream of "the children of America" possible. Yeah right.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Love? I think so.....

After dying a FAST and painful (to me) death, I said goodbye to my PC and returned to the land of the mac. It is a beautiful land, I believe, but hard to get a hang of, especially when said death put me behind in grading, writing, etc. So I'm playing catch up, both on my work, and on my moments of exploration on the new beauty. I think she needs a name.

I worry it will take me years to plumb the depths of cool gizmos on this machine, but I'm determined to master them. So, I'm reaching out: Any wisdom about the greatest features and programs on these babies?

And while we're at it, any good name ideas for the beauty?

Monday, January 7, 2008

NO! Not on NPR, of all places....

Heard within minutes, during a story on how "added fees" are fleecing America.

PIN number
ATM machine

On NPR. Really.


Thursday, January 3, 2008

That sparkly bag

OK, OK, so my camera battery needs charging. Must do that, then I'll get up a bunch of pics from our holiday travels. I think there were some great moments there.

Plus, then I can post my gorgeous new yarn. Wahoo! I can't wait to wind it up and start/restart a clapotis with it. The fact that it's 9 degrees here today makes me want to start even more.

Mostly, wanted to share a quick New Year's Eve anecdote:

We continued our yearly tradition by going to listen to Ellis at Passim. Every year the event feels more intimate, a family. This year was no exception. There was great music, great exploits, much laughter. We sang, ate chocolate, and had a grand old time.

On the way home we passed a store with hilarious sparkly duffle bags. I pointed them out to Katie. As well as their position next to the makes-me-laugh-all-the-time legwarmers. Q, in the stroller almost falling asleep, asked what I was talking about. I told him I had seen a big, sparkly, purple bag.

A moment of silence followed by: "That is just my style!"

Love that boy! He sure has style.

Happy New Year all!