In which a school-loving graduate student reflects on the balance and intersections among her life as a doctoral candidate, her love of all things knitting-related, and her adventures mothering an amazing boy along with her wife!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

freecycle MADNESS

We're moving in three days, so we've been freecycling lots of things. Some good stuff, some very random stuff.

Fitting in the category of random: A 4DVD set of New Scandinavian Cooking. Complete with a braided, Scandinavian-looking woman on the front.

Well, apparently her cooking series is a widespread hit, as five people responded wanting the set within 20 minutes!!!!!!!!! Now that is crazy. We haven't even cracked the shrink wrap in the two years since this was randomly given to us (K has a Swedish background).

Who knew? I guess freecycle serves not only as a great resource for sharing and humor, but also for learning about the popularity of Scandinavian cuisine. Wow.

UPDATE: We're up to 10 requests after 3 hours. madNESS!

Monday, May 12, 2008

A few observations from my day....

First, a question: What do you do when you're heading into the gym and, directly behind you, is your favorite author of the moment? If you're me, you perseverate, hope she doesn't see you glancing at her, and then think that perhaps you'll blog about it. Shameful, I know. But, do go out and read that book. It is absolutely fabulous, insightful, and important for our society's future.

Second, an observation: As I sat in a spinning class today, I watched hordes of folks head into the subway (T, as we call it). At least 25% of them carried Timbuk2 bags. Seriously. Now, I'm a known Timbuk2 bag whore, and I've always known they were popular, but this popular? Really? Truly amazing.

A recent fave bag:

Finally, I'm still hopin' that many of you will come visit me over on my more substantive blog (not that bag-love isn't of substance, just "different substance"....). Hope to see you there!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Come on over and see the new blog

I started a new blog about raising a boy without labels/in ways that try to transcend labels. He has really taken the lead with this, but it's something that I try to support him with as best I can. And that takes a lot of thought, consideration, heartache, etc. So I decided to share that journey.

Come see!

Updating the update

1. Dissertation proposal in!!!!!!!!!
2. Second tulip about to bloom, pending update 3
3. Spring is NOT here to stay. Rainy, wet, in the 40's today. Ugh.
4. Glad it's the weekend and no big deadline hangs over me.....

Hoping for warmth, here, and preparing to start a new blog.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Quick update

1. Dissertation proposal due tomorrow. Crazy busy right now.
2. Our first tulip is about to bloom. Q could not be more ecstatic
3. We're moving in 18 days
4. I feel like spring has set in to stay -- keep your fingers crossed on that.

Please send any and all mojo my way for these last two days of madness.