In which a school-loving graduate student reflects on the balance and intersections among her life as a doctoral candidate, her love of all things knitting-related, and her adventures mothering an amazing boy along with her wife!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Yarn Swap Goodies

Mostly, I'd say this is a placeholder right now. I have yet to take pics, but I was able to destash a TON of yarn. This was a local swap organized by some great ravelry folk. Here are the things about it that made me happy:

1. The sense of community when folks come together to share and create and avoid further consumption.
2. Seeing how wildly excited a group of folks can be about yarn!
3. That I came away with about 1/4 as much yarn as I came in with -- that was a major goal.
4. That most of what I came away with was in the purple, blue, pink family -- it makes me happy, and better yet it makes Q happy. He squealed upon seeing some of my riches.

More to come, in the form of pics.

Oh, and the lifesize dog request was back up on freecycle. Go figure.

Friday, March 21, 2008

First in a Series: Freecyclers say the darndest things....

I admit to being a freecycle fan. I think it's a great way to share amidst community without encouraging the overconsumption that is rampant these days.

I think I also love it because of the oft-hilarious gems hidden among the posts.

I present you with the first gem in what I hope will become a regular addition to this blog:
WANTED: PLUSH large/life sized realistic looking stuffed Dogs

(wait for it).....

for animal massage workshops and workshop demos.

This, my friends, cracks me up.
1. Animal massage?
2. You need a stuffed dog to demo animal massage?
3. If this is an industry, aren't there industry-standard "demo dogs?"


Sunday, March 16, 2008

What it takes to get the boy to eat

Oh, dear Q. Eating has always been hard for this boy. First there's the allergies. Then the sensory issues. It leaves him with a repertoire that is small, by all accounts. There is a bit of variety in terms of starch and protein, but it's mostly starch. So we're always trying for new foods. His OT worked with him on trying new things and gave him some "homework" -- try two new foods, three bites each.

Although chagrined that he couldn't do this homework at his desk, Q was excited. We made a plan that one of the foods would be hot dogs (turkey dogs). He'd previously eaten them, so we thought a reintroduction might be good, as opposed to something completely new. But when it came time to actually eat it, it took a lot of persuasion. Finally, the camera did the trick.

I present you with, "The drama of Q: Hotdog eating."


Coda: The next time he was served a hot dog, he wouldn't touch it. Not a bite. Even with the camera.

I give up.

PS: Who can help me make these pics bigger?????

What better way to end a weekend?

I've been craving crepes for a while. God knows why. Perhaps the delicious fillings? Or the challenge of making them just right? Or the fact that I had vaguely wanted them and then Leah mentioned making them recently. It's always something that ignites a desire like that.

So tonight I finally did it. And I think a year in the basement served our crepe pans well. I made perhaps the best/most perfect crepes of my life. Now I'm not claiming that they ARE perfect, just close. And there was no stickage. No breakage except when I sliced one mistakenly with my spatula. But that aside, no breakage.

The joy of eating one oozing with chocolate and whipped cream? Well, I probably should have snapped a pic of that too. But I was too busy enjoying.