In which a school-loving graduate student reflects on the balance and intersections among her life as a doctoral candidate, her love of all things knitting-related, and her adventures mothering an amazing boy along with her wife!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Just when I'm at the end of my rope....

Q has never been a good sleeper. Ever. It seems, often, that our lives revolve around sleep: trying to help him sleep, being sure he gets enough sleep, compensating when he doesn't get enough sleep. And here he is, 4.5, still needing a nap every day. And needing it badly.

So he goes to school, can't nap there because, well, it's school and not dark and quiet. When he gets home, he crashes. Except today he didn't. Because of a confluence of events, he couldn't fall asleep. I was frustrated. Very frustrated. And not at ALL looking forward to what was to come during the rest of the evening.

He stayed in his room, having some quiet time, listening to stories on the iPod. I heard him puttering around, being quite peaceful. Good. One sigh of relief. I heard him dressing himself and then he came out to ask for some scissors. He wore a blue string tank top (complete with frilly bottom) and shorts. When I went in to get him a few minutes later, he was wearing a purple string tank top. Same shorts. And his four OTHER string tank tops were all hanging neatly off of the drawer pull knobs on his dresser. A bit like an art installation in their array of colors. It was too much! I can't find our camera, but when I do, I'll be sure to post pictures.

I think that my afternoon and mood was revived by this industrious boy who so loves his tank tops, organizing his things, and making it easier. As he said, "Now I don't have to bend down all the way and open my drawer. I can see all of my tank tops right here." Then he stood back, studied them, and proceeded to spend five minutes deciding which one he'll wear tomorrow.

What a boy.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Quick Post: Join this Swap!

I've joined a mystery theme swap (yarn-related) and we need some more players! Your swap partner gives a couple ideas for themes for you to choose from. You then put together a swap package that builds on those themes and send it off! At the same time, someone is doing the same for you.

Care to join?


Check it out here.

That's all for now...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Chocolate and Yarn Swap

I'm participating in a chocolate and yarn swap on Ravelry. Can't go wrong with that, eh? It's been fun trying to figure out creative ways to follow through on the theme and make my pal happy. She's a true chocoholic, it seems, so I've been searching out just the right chocolate for her. I also think she's a super-talented knitter, so I've been working hard to find clues as to her likes and dislikes, and to find the just-right yarn to match.

The latter has been tricky. But I think it's all coming together, thanks to TLE! I can't say more without giving away too much.

But this swap thing sure is fun.

In other news, Q is completing his first full week of school tomorrow. I can't believe how much he loves it, how much it has changed him, how it's really rocked our collective family's world. He seems more grown up every day. He speaks with so much sophistication about what they do, seems to have easily learned the routines and the like. And most importantly, he is in love with his teachers. By proxy, we are too.

This growing up thing tugs at the proverbial heartstrings. I miss my baby boy. Yet I revel in this growing-up boy. He is a hoot: thoughtful, curious, kind. Such a learner. I love this next step of the adventure.

I'll leave you with some of Q's deep thoughts: "Mommy, I love you. And you know that I love you. And I know that you love me. And mamma knows that I love her. And I know that she loves me. And you love mamma. And you know that she loves you. And she knows that you love her." And so he closes the circle and ends by saying. "So much love. Three people in our family and so much love. Hearts full of love."

Need I say more?

The Loopy Ewe

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mystery Theme Swap

I'm so excited to be a part of this swap! I thought I'd put my info here so my secret friend could always come back to find it. And heck, if anyone else is dying to send me something, well, here's a bit of info! ;)

  1. Are you a knitter or crocheter? I'm a knitter all the way. There were a few granny squares back there in 4th grade, but that's a sad distant memory....
  2. Is there a particular type of pattern you would prefer? (sock, scarf, hat, etc.) I'm interested in not super hard sock patterns as well as more jazzy hat patterns (maybe including cables, lighter than worsted-weight yarns, or something like that)
  3. Do you have any allergies that we need to be aware of? (animals, wool, chocolate, etc.) Cats! Oy do they make me sneeze!
  4. Do you have pets? If so, what kind. Nope. Just a 4 year old son. But he doesn't shed or anything.
  5. Do you smoke? Nope.
  6. Do you have an online wish list you want to share with your partner? If so, what is the web address. Ooh, now this is a good idea! But alas I don't have one at the moment.
  7. Are you willing to ship internationally? (Please keep in mind this will raise shipping costs) I don't think so at this point. Sorry.
  8. Is this your first swap? Nope.
  9. Are you willing to be a swap savior? Perhaps, but I think that might push me a bit too much financially.
  10. Ok, now give us some ideas! (Please give at least 3) Mystery theme possibilities: Organization! (It's a new kick that I'm on). Sit back and smell the flowers; aka relax (life not always being so smooth and predictable, I could use a few of those moments). Purple. Simple as that!

I can't wait to get matched up with my pal, to invent a great package based on a theme -- a nice creative outlet. What fun! I'll keep you all updated with teasers, etc.

PS -- Yeah, I know that the picture is unrelated, but it just adds something, you know?

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Lookin' for sock yarn

Well, the time has come. I must try my first pair of socks. But of course I'm full of questions that I'd love to get answered prior to starting. I think, though, that I might just have to jump in the deep end in order to even figure out what most of those questions are.

But in the meantime, I'm looking for a good sock yarn. There are actually a few reasons behind this. The first is selfish: I'd love to knit these socks with a great yarn, but also one that doesn't break the bank. Second, I would like to get a lovely sock yarn for a swap partner who seems to be enamored with sock knitting, but not being a sock-yarn expert, I'm not exactly sure where to turn. Finally, a second part to my question: Are there local places (Cambridge, MA) where I can procure such yarn? I do so love petting the yarn prior to purchasing. If it must be an online source, so be it, but in person would be oh so lovely. Any suggestions for me?

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thinking about Knitting

I've been on a bit of a knitting hiatus recently. Partly I think it's because I've spent tons of time on ravelry checking out everyone's projects, yarns, etc. I can't get enough of it! I also can't believe the beautiful projects that folks have time to whip up and churn out. It's gotten me really excited to try knitting socks. I got my first sock yarn -- Cherry Tree Hill -- recently at my LYS. It's a beautiful blue and green colorway. I'm now mulling over whether to be daring with my first sock project or to take it easy. I think I need a bit of a challenge but am trying to balance the desire for a challenge with the need to not overwhelm myself and quit after one sock, or, even worse, before I'm even finished one!

So, in addition to socks I'm on the brink of starting a few other projects. The Montego Bay scarf, for which I got some amazing sea silk; another pair of glovelets (aka Knucks) for Q; and something with my first Noro -- perhaps a mini felted snack bag for Q, a pair of fingerless gloves or mitts, or even some yoga socks (a pattern I found just today!).

The problem is, I've been on the brink of starting these things for a while, but have I picked up a needle? I think that the madness of Q starting school today, me getting back into school/work gradually this work, Katie finishing up her summer schoolwork and transitioning to her fall semester have set my brain aspin. I can't seem to concentrate on anything long enough to really get into it, and I really like to get into knitting. So for now, it's a time to collect ideas. Then the cool weather of fall will bring with it cozy times to sit and knit. Not to mention the need to decompress from a busy day in front of the TV -- a perfect time for knitting! So stay tuned for some actual in-progress pics and thoughts.

So, in lieu of actual knitting projects, I'll leave you with a favorite pic of mine from our CA vacation. Who wouldn't feel in awe and at peace in such a setting?


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